Ordesa y Monte Perdido

The Peak

Ordesa y Monte Perdido is a national park situated in the Pyranees of Huesca, Aragon bordering France. The valley offers stunning scenery from the top as well as some picturesque landscapes. There are many trails to hike along of varying distances. A long 21km hike offers some of the best views of the valley but the hike from to the top, a 1,500m climb might not be for everyones ability, however it’s certainly possible to walk the lower, flatter path to the waterfall at the end of the valley.

The Trail

There is only one way to get to the valley from Torla-Ordesa and that is via bus from the car park next to the village. Parking is free but the bus costs 4.50 euro per person and is about a 10 minute ride to the car park at the base of the valley.

The hike was a 21km route around the valley in Ordesa y Monte Perdido, half of which is flat and follows along the bottom of the valley the other half is above the valley gradually declining to meet at the tip of the valley where a waterfall waits. This trail is a loop starting at the car park of the valley there’s a choice of which direction to start, either the flat route to begin with or a 1500m ascent up the side of the valley to walk along the top. The most comfortable is to probably take the climb up and finish along the calm flat route at the bottom of the valley.

If walking with young children the best option will probably be to walk only the flat section of the hike. The climb can be tricky in places and if it’s raining the steps can become quite slippery.

Time: 6h 45m

Where to Stay

Torla-Ordesa village is right next to the car park from where you will have to take a bus to get to the valley.

Refugio Lucien Briet offers large shared dorm rooms starting at 10eur per person and also has double and four bed rooms. The dorm rooms are comfortable and contain extra sheets just encase it gets cold but it’s recommended you take a sleeping bag. The four bed room is 48 eur per night so with four people it works out at 12 euro each, this is a great option if you’re a group of four because you will have a private bathroom. Finally the double room is 40 eur per night and looks clean and comfortable if you’re a couple looking for a cheap stay.

Where to Eat

Refugio Lucien Briet also offers great food at a very good price. For 20 euros you can take an evening meal of 1 starter, main and desert with wine and water and a simple breakfast of coffee, toast and pastries.

There is also a pizzeria in the village as well as a variety of other restaurants to cater for all tastes.

How to Arrive

The easiest way to get there is to rent a car. The journey is around 4 hours from Barcelona Sants. On the way you can pass through a town, Barbastro, where you can pick up the nessecary supplies for the weekend. There is a supermarket in Torla-Ordesa, it isn’t very big but it does stock pretty much everything you would want for a lunch while hiking.


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Ordesa_08-22-15 18-03-38-003

Ordesa_08-22-15 13-56-14-003

Torla-Ordesa Church


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